Monday, 30 September 2013

Frankincense intense cream review- Neal's Yard Remedies

The British brand Neal’s Yard Remedies, known for their luxurious organic products made with natural ingredients minus Parabens and Synthetic fragrances, are launching a new product to their Frankincense range which is clinically proven to banish fine line’s and wrinkles.

Frankincense intense harnesses powerful stem cells from the Gardenia plant and works with a peptide complex to provide multiple collagen production for younger, firmer skin.

Unlike other products on the high street which use Parabens and Synthetic fragrances, Frankincense intense uses Frankincense, Gardenia stem cells, Essential oils such as Macadamia and Grapeseed, plus Argan oil.

After attending Neal’s yard Remedies blogger event, in Manchester, I made some valuable contacts and I was sent a small sample of the cream.

As I am new to this blogging lark, I was super excited when the parcel arrived as I love trying new products.
The cream didn’t fail in being luxurious. Like all of Neal’s Yards products it smelt absolutely divine which meant I couldn’t stop sticking my head in the jar. I have had the cream a few weeks now and without fail I have used it twice daily every morning and night. As the cream is very thick, small blobs go a long way. It made my face feel ever so soft after the first application. After weeks of using the cream my face has a wonderful healthy glow.

Frankincense intense is essentially an anti wrinkle cream. I have only just turned 20 so hopefully I am not developing any wrinkles at the moment but I believe in keeping healthy and using a good cream can help preserve and keep those wrinkles at bay later in life.

The cream is priced at £55 a pot including an application spatula. For a student like myself it’s a tad expensive but since I graduate next year and I still have tonnes left in my sample pot, this will be the first thing on my list when I get a job.

Have you used anti wrinkle creams before?