Monday, 31 March 2014

NOTW- Manicure Mondays #2 #Sinful Colors #purpleglitter

£1.99 Sinful Colours purchased at Boots
I first found out about Sinful Colors last year for my 20th birthday as I made a mad dash to my local Boots for some nail polish because I couldn't afford to get my nails done professionally. A boots sales assistant informed me about Sinful Colors which are an American brand and she said she swears by them. For £1.99 I thought what can I lose and let me tell you they are amazing. The colour applies well and on selected Sinful polishes they are 3 for £4 at Boots.

Have you heard about Sinful Colors before?


  1. Gorgeous! I love sparkly nails, they always seem to last longer than normal polish too (although always a bit of a pain when trying to get them off!)

  2. Thank you Lily! I'm mad about anything glittery too:) I love a manicure that lasts longer though as I hate having chipped polish on my nails! xo

  3. I have a sinful colour polish unused in my collection, I may have to try it now x

  4. I really would recommend trying it :) It's incredibly good for the price too! x

  5. I am a fan of cheap nail polishes because I always change my nails and therefore it's not worth spending too much on nail polish.
    However, I never heard about this brand before so I am definitely going to check it! it sounds so good :)


  6. Me too Andra :) Since a young age I have always been obsessed with painting my nails. They don't have as many colours as other polishes but they are definitely worth every penny :) xo

  7. Thats a good review for a bagain nail polish - keep em coming!


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