Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day- Dear Mum

As its mother’s day I just wanted to dedicate a blog post to my mum.
Dear Mum: I know we sometimes argue and we don’t always get on but you are always there for me through heartbreaks ready and waiting with a box of tissues and  feeding me my own body weight in chocolate to perk me up. When I feel everything is going wrong and I can’t handle university, your there with a flag at the finishing line telling me I can get my degree. Most of all you are helping me achieve my dreams to go to Australia and although you know if an opportunity arises, I will be relocating there and you won’t get to see me often, you are still cheering me on telling me to grab every chance I can because life’s too short and you know you would get to have a holiday in Oz when visiting.

As a thank you for all her help and bringing me in to this world, I treated my mum to a lovely bouquet of tulips from and a card just to say how much I care about her. I chose tulips rather than any other flower as they remind me of spring and I loved the vibrant colours which I knew they would brighten her day. When purchasing a bunch of flowers, I also got a free card and of course I picked tatty ted as it’s her favourite. In total it came to £29.99 with Saturday delivery.

 My mum had no idea I had ordered her anything, I just told her to wait at home as they’re was a special delivery and she couldn’t believe her eyes when a van appeared and a guy stepped out with a giant bouquet with a special message in side. I know that spending a small fortune or even hand making a gift would mean the world to her because as long she knows I’m thinking about her, that’s all that matters.

Happy mother’s day to the most wonderful mum, who today of all days decided to come down to Huddersfield and meet me to buy me a food shop because she knew I was running low on food.

Did you do anything special for your mum this mother’s day?


  1. Aww, this is so cute! I got my mum a nice card from Tesco as it had eeyore (her fave) on it, but this set looks so nice

    1. Aww how lovely Sarah! I was a bit stuck where to order flowers from but as I saw Moonpig advertised I thought I would give it a go and luckily it turned out fine. I think my mum got about 25 tulips in the bunch xo

  2. The tulips look beautiful! Your mum is a lucky lady :)

    Jess xo

  3. Aww thanks Jess. From what my mum told me as I haven't seen them in person they are very nice. I would definitely be ordering from Moonpig again in the future :) xo

  4. what a lovely post! Mums are awesome :) x

  5. Thank you Kelly :) they certainly are awesome and nothing beats their roast dinners! xo