Monday, 7 October 2013

Primpin with the stars- Benefit make up review

I received my first Benefit product in an edition of Glamour magazine last year, which was porefessional’ the primer to apply before or after applying foundation to make your face pore free and flawless. I was so impressed with my little sample, that when it came Christmas time 2012, my boyfriends sister was kind enough to buy me Benefits- Finding Mr Bright set which included four travel size products in a beautiful pink box.
By May of this year I saw a status on the Benefit Facebook page about one of their newest sets ‘Primpin with the stars’ releasing 2 weeks early for Benefit lovers to purchase online at Boots and guess what? I couldn’t keep my paws off. Running low on my Finding Mr Bright set it was the perfect excuse to purchase Primpin with the stars at £26.50.

The product includes six ‘All time greatest” fake its:

1.      Stay don’t stray- Stay don’t stray is used as a concealer under eyelids and on the top of eyelids to keep heavy eye shadows looking fresh all day. I personally think this product is great. When I first used ‘Primpin with the stars’ I stuck to the products I knew but when reading the tips and tricks guide included in the set, I used stay don’t stray when applying my smokey eye effect. With my busy schedule of university work I don’t have much time to re apply my eyeshadow so this is the perfect product for girls on the go.

2.      Porefessional- As I mentioned previously, since I bought Glamour magazine and received a small sample, I was hooked by this product and I use it every day. I apply mine after my foundation to make my face looking soft and pore free. Even after a tough day running around, it keeps my face looking flawless and helps me stay confident about my skin.

3.      Some kind of gorgeous- This little cream is a foundation faker. It looks like you are wearing a foundation without the drama of spending time to blend it in. The cream is for medium complexions so be careful if your skin is a little paler as it could make your skin a bit orange. I think this is a great product when I am having a lazy day. A touch of this and some mascara finishes off my natural look.

4.      Bene-tint- This colourful pot can be used on lips and cheeks to give skin and lips a natural looking rosy glow. I must warn though if applied wrong this product can be a disaster. When I first used the product I applied a few strokes on to my cheek bones and unfortunately I didn’t rub it in quick enough. Safe to say I looked like one of Santa’s little helpers with my stained cheeks. I had to go out that day too and my friends commented thinking I had some skin reaction to something. Benefit also does a very similar product called Posie- tint which I prefer as it gives a more natural glow without staining my hands too.

5.      Girl meets pearl- This liquid luminizer is a perfect finisher after using Bene-tint or my alternative favourite Posie- tint. It calms the bright pink look down a bit and gives my cheeks a lovely flushed glow.

6.      They’re real- I cannot fault this mascara at all. The applicator wand is the best I have seen which makes it super easy to apply and gives lashes a boost in the right direction to keep them looking long and dolly like.

Which Benefit set is your favourite?

Lots of love Siobhan Marie x

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