Saturday, 19 April 2014

Umberto Giannini- Smokey dip dye talons review

It’s been just over a week since I purchased Umberto Giannini dip dye talons at my local Boots back in Mancunian land for £8.50 and I’m amazed they are still all intact. Admittedly over the week a few have popped off but as it’s my first time using falsies, I think I didn’t put enough glue on the nails to keep them attached to my nails . What I love about these nails is that they aren't too long and feel almost like real nails than falsies.

I’m a self confessed nail polish fanatic so trying false nails was a big step for myself but I love the dip dye trend and after seeing these nails online, I knew I had to try them. I made a very convincing appeal to my mother who went and bought me the nails that I needed something new that I could review on my blog.
The set includes 24 false nails with different sizes, glue and an easy applicator which attaches to the nails but to be honest I didn’t use the applicator as I found it a bit of a fuss to get the nail off it. The sizes for these nails are very good as they include half sizes.

I personally believe these nails are worth every penny and more. Now I have lost my falsies virginity there is no stopping me. I always find after a few days nail varnish can chip very easily but these beauties stay looking fresh. They are so easy to apply with the step by step guide and are in fact so much less hassle than painting my nails as the glue dries within a few minutes of applying. Umberto Giannini also have some neon dip dye talons too which I am itching to try as I know they are such good quality for the price. All in all I rate these lovelies a big fat 5/5. 

Have you tried Umberto Giannini nail sets before?


  1. I had no idea UG did nails too! These actually look pretty darn fabulous! x

    1. Thank you Halima, I love them too :) I shall be buying some more sometime soon xo