Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bathtime with Lush- ‘Feel ready to soar’ with the Dragons egg

Last week I took a much needed trip home to Mancunian land mid week so I could take advantage of my student discount at my local hairdressers to get my hair dip dyed. After a lovely head massage to release any stress toxins, I decided to take a gander around Bury and the first place I stopped at was Lush.

As soon as I walked in to Lush a lovely assistant complimented me on my Topshop necklace and came over to see if I needed any help. To be honest I was after a new face mask because after trying the Soap and Glory fab pore, and being left disappointed, I knew I had to go back to my favourite brand. After trying Catastrophe Cosmetic last time, I wanted to test out a new face mask. I bought BB Seaweed and the assistant kindly gave me a few samples of Cupcake and Sacred Truth when I mentioned I was a blogger.

The smell inside Lush stores always makes me want to stay in the shop a lot longer than anticipated and after hearing many good reviews of the bath bombs I decided to treat myself to one of them too for an ultimate pamper weekend. The assistant showed me a few of their best sellers and let me have a smell of each one but I decided to choose ‘Dragons egg bath bomb’ as I liked the idea of popping candy in a bath bomb and at a respectable £3.25 I couldn’t resist.

After paying and before leaving the shop, I gave the assistant my business card so she could enjoy my reviews on my blog and as a treat she also gave me ‘The Comforter’ – bubble bar for absolutely free which made my day even better. A short while later I received an email from the manager stating she had received my business card and would love to invite me to a Lush bloggers event soon.

A day later it was time to try my Dragons egg bomb and my face mask which I will be reviewing in another post. I started to run the water and when it got slightly filled I dropped the bomb in and literally stood in awe watching it swirl in different directions and making pretty colours. I honestly watched it until no more bath bomb was left and I hadn't realised I had been filming the bomb for a whole 5 minutes. Whoopps!

The smell was absolutely divine; it was honestly like an air freshener for the bathroom and I literally dived into the orange coloured water which on closer inspection left a gold dust in the water. After a good 30 mins soak I left the bath feeling relaxed and shimmering with a hint of gold dust on my body which would be perfect to use before a night out. I would rate this bath-bomb 5/5. It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to try the other bath bombs at Lush.

What is your favourite Lush bath bomb?


  1. I need a lush bath bomb now :( x

    1. You should treat yourself to one! Cheapest one is £2.50 :) xx

  2. I love Lush products - they smell amazing!

    1. Me too Danni :) Thanks for the comment xo