Thursday, 22 May 2014

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze- Express Pro Self- Tanning Dry Mist

It’s starting to hit those hot summery days which means it’s time to go bare-legged and ditch those itchy woollen tights that have become almost glued to us after what seems the longest winter ever. For us ladies this means, a lot more work to be honest. As well as shaving more frequently or opting to wax so we don’t have fuzzy legs, it’s also about the colour. I’m a dark haired brunette so admittedly I can tan easily than most, but when the British weather is playing havoc and those sunny days turn into a shower it’s incredibly hard to get a sun- kissed glow in the UK.

I have been a self confessed tan virgin for years. I have never had a professional spray tan, used a sun-bed or even used self-tanning home kits as I have always been a bit scared. Nearly all of my girly friends use self tanning kits and sometimes I have seen the tan turn into an oompa lumpa colour and because of that it has never appealed to me. However with my holiday trip to Malia not making an appearance till September and those hot days few and far between I opted for a self tanning mist. Unlike self tanning lotion the mist is supposed to be a lot easier to apply and the can reads “No streaks, no self tan smell.”

After just finishing my Journalism degree only last week, I had planned a big night out with friends to relax and drink away the stress I had encountered over the last few months. Just like any night out I had bought a complete new outfit with shoes, bag, dress- the full works. The only thing that was missing was a sun-kissed glow. I took a trip to my local Superdrug store as a friend had recommended Sublime Bronze which was on offer for £10. At the time I thought it was a tad expensive at £15 for full price compared to self-tanning lotions but as I was going all out, I treated myself. I purchased the medium tan colour as I didn’t want to try the darkest colour incase it went wrong. A lovely assistant at Superdrug told me ideally I should purchase the dark tan after I have been on holiday to top up a natural tan.

The same day I bought the product I exfoliated to prepare my body and a few hours later I had finally lost my self-tan virginity. It literally dried within 5 minutes which was perfect as I didn’t have to stand there starker’s for a long time but all I could do was keep staring at my body waiting for the colour to change until a friend kindly mentioned it will happen overnight. In the morning I woke up expecting to look like a streaky mess but I wasn't at all. It was the perfect natural tan I had dreamt of but I wanted to apply more to go a bit darker. The instructions do say wait 24 hours before re-applying but I did give it a good 15 hours before I re-applied and assumed this was only a guideline.

I personally believe this product is a miracle for beginners like myself who are amateurs in the tanning world. It’s so easy to apply and it is literally impossible for the tan to streak. The smell is also lovely compared to most tanning products. Next time the only thing I would change is the colour I chose as I would like a darker tan. I would rate this product 5/5.

Have you used L'Oreal self tanning mist before?

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