Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hair Development Competition- Brand Ambassador 2016

Hair can be such a sensitive subject amongst us ladies. We always want what we’ve not got. If you’ve got incredibly thick and curly hair you always want naturally polka straight hair and vice versa. It can also be the same when it comes to the length of our hair.

Since a little girl I’ve always dreamt of long flowing locks but unfortunately after straightening my hair a bit too much I usually have to have more cut off at the salon meaning my dreams of naturally long flowing locks are pretty much non-existent.

Hair extensions are a god send for people like me because you can really have the best of both worlds. At the moment I have some real clip in hair extensions which I usually wear on special occasions such as parties and events. However these days, it’s becoming easier and easier to make our hair extensions a permanent fixture rather than having to mess around with clip in extensions.

I’ve been contacted by a PR company to let you lovelies in on an amazing competition. If you’re hair obsessed like myself this is going be right up your street.

Hair Development are one of the UK’s leading hair extension brands and they’re offering you the chance to become a brand ambassador for their company.

If you’re aged 18-45 and live in the UK you have until the 31st October to enter this amazing competition.

The winner will win a full head of extensions fitted by a specialist as well as professional photoshoot. The best bit about this competition is it’s really simple to enter. All you have to do is #takeaselfie and tag Hair Development on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Just make sure you use the hashtag #HDGirlCompetition.

Hair development are following the ‘real woman’ trend by using a normal member of the public like us in its 2016 campaigns instead of a high profile professional models.

Janis Levy, Creative Director of Hair Development said, "We want to celebrate the everyday woman in our publicity- after all, that's who we are marketing to. Real women, who has busy lives but like to look their best, that's who our extensions are made for. If you'd like the chance to promote our high end hair extensions, then why not enter for the chance to win an extension makeover?"

Here's my selfie:

So what are you waiting for? Have you entered the HD competition?


  1. That's such a good prize for a competition, definitely entering as I've just had to have all my hair cut off too!!

    1. Thank you for the comment Beckie :) Good luck! xx