Sunday, 9 March 2014

Roxy Ballroom Leeds- Bloggers event

Roxy Ballroom, Leeds part of the Jones bar group opened its doors a few weeks back and I was luckily enough to be invited, thanks to my fellow blogging friend I have only managed to do a posting as at the time I didn’t have any pictures of the night and I have been waiting for them from fellow bloggers.

Roxy Ballroom is located literally minutes way from the station which was perfect for me, as I had just had a mad dash on a Primark shopping spree at Leeds Trinity and insisted I wore my new platform heels which as they were new, I couldn’t walk in them very long distances.

When we first arrived we were taken straight to the V.I.P room. I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as the doors opened, the Ping Pong table was staring me in the face and I knew I had to have a go. The managers at Roxy wanted to create an All American feel which they certainly achieved.

As soon as the Ping Pong bats and balls made their way to me, me and Kerys acted like little children at a Wacky Warehouse playground and it was game on, or it was until we found out we wasn't too good at Ping Pong and instead of lightly hitting the balls, they were flying all over the room.

After spending a brief five minutes playing, we decided it was probably for the best for everyone’s sake to give it up and hit the Ping Pong punch instead. The pink concoction made of Amaretto and a bunch of other things was amazing and went down a lot easier than I imagined.

Ping Pong tables and pool tables aren't just in the V.I.P room; they are situated all around in the main bar which makes it a relaxed place to go during lunch hour or after a long day at work. The V.I.P room is an amazing space for a party with just close friends before hitting a night club. It costs £20 an hour and the ping pong table can be placed in a cupboard if you prefer to have an open space party.

My 21st is approaching in July and I haven’t planned anything yet but I know I want to do something big. I think Roxy Ballroom would make an ideal location to host my party and I can guarantee everyone will enjoy playing beer pong.

Have you been to Roxy ballroom?

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  1. I miss that cocktail we were drinking, it was lovely!