Sunday, 8 December 2013

Murder Mystery party- Finding the perfect dress


My weekly blog posting has arrived. I promised last week to post at least once a week as I want to be a dedicated blogger. It’s been such a manic week with deadlines and what not; I haven’t had much time to myself. As I’m at university most of the time, I have only been home three times within this term so when I was invited to a murder mystery party a few weeks ago it was the perfect excuse to go home and buy a new outfit to dress up.

Each of us who attended got a character we would be playing for the evening. I was selected to be:

Ingrid Pith: You are a Danish art-dealer, specializing in finding paintings all over occupied Europe. You are very busty and flirtatious.

Suggested clothing Very low-cut evening dress with a slit skirt
As soon as I heard about my character, it turned into a two week hunt for the perfect dress. I searched all of my favourite clothing websites such as Topshop and Asos but when I couldn't find a dress I liked, I began to search all of the small boutiques I hadn't tried. However as I’m fussy I had no luck with this either.

Some of my blogging friends had ordered from Chi Chi clothing, a fashionable London based brand, so I thought I would at least search the site optimistically. I looked in the sale section as I wanted a budget dress. To my surprise I found this gorgeous ivory lace maxi style dress with a sexy but classy thigh split, extra padding to make my boobs a bit bustier & pretty diamantes to give the dress some sparkle.

To my surprise the dress should have been £54.99 and was on sale for £32.99. When I ordered the dress I got a further 10% off and next day delivery. In the end it only cost me a small price of £29.99. Being a bit apprehensive on sizing’s as I’m a size 6-8, I asked for some advice from friends. The Chi Chi brand is known to be a bit bigger on sizing’s so I ordered a size 6.

The next day I was surprised when the dress fit snug as a bug. To finish the look off I wore pointed red suede heels which I bought from The head over heels section in Debenhams a while ago. I also picked some fine jewellery, a friend had bought me for my 18th birthday and of course it wouldn't be the same without my trusty red lipstick.

Have you ordered from Chi Chi clothing before?

Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo

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