Sunday, 15 December 2013

My Christmas wish-list

Hello all,
For this week’s posting I decided to do a Christmas wish list. With Christmas approaching fast, I finally went out yesterday in Manchester to buy presents for everybody but I haven’t really thought about myself. I wanted to create a Christmas wish list for myself as I have had my eye on some gorgeous items; I’m hoping Father Christmas will bring on the 25th.

Firstly I really want a pair of GHDS as I only have a pair of Mark Smith straighteners which do the job but I have always lustered for the best straighteners on the market. When it was black Friday a few weeks ago I was sat working away doing university work without realising everybody was snapping up a pair for ridiculously cheap and now a lot of the styles have vanished off the website. I do really like the wonderland GHDS though, they are very Christmassy and I would be over the moon to find these in my stocking on Christmas morning. Priced at £135 they are a tad expensive but for limited edition they are totally worth every penny.

Next on my list is a Thomas Sabo watch. I already have a pair Thomas Sabo earrings, necklace & a charm bracelet which I’m 100% satisfied with. Over this past year I have matured style wise and now I am longing for a classy watch. I graduate next year and it would look perfect especially when attending interviews. Of course I wouldn't look anywhere else and when I received some Thomas Sabo earrings for Easter this year, I was love-struck over a classic watch. I have been told by my parents they are taking me to the Trafford Centre for a Christmas surprise so I’m hoping they took the hint and I will bag myself a lovely watch. It’s £169 which is a lot of money but I would keep the watch for a lifetime.

Finally on my list is a ruby woo MAC lipstick. After reading many blog postings on this product and MAC lipsticks alone, I've heard they are the best lipsticks around. As I love my vintage style, I love wearing red lipstick quite a lot but usually I only buy cheaper brands such as L’Oreal or Max factor so this Christmas I would be ecstatic if someone bought me one of these. Usually priced at around £16, Debenhams are having a sale on MAC at the moment and are only asking a small charge of around £12 which is a total bargain if you ask me.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo

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  1. Once you go GHD, you'll never go back! Lovely wishlist.