Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Soap & Glory- Girl O Whirl Super Colour lip shades

After receiving this lovely Soap & glory make-up set from my mother at Christmas, I have avidly used it daily as I love adding a pop of colour to my lips and a swish of blusher to my cheeks in the morning. I always receive Soap & Glory bath products so I was expecting The Yule Monty set full of body lotions and scrubs, but to my surprise my mother took a risk on the off chance, I would prefer a make-up set rather than body lotions and she got it so right. My face lit up as soon as I uncovered the wrapping paper and saw Girl O Whirl. I have been a fan of Soap & Glory for a few years, I love the branding and the make-up .

There isn't a day where I don’t wear make-up as I like to look presentable. A swish of mascara and lipstick makes me feel confident so this was the perfect gift.

It’s a little late but 2 months on I decided to do a review focusing on the six lip shades in the set. I usually stick to red lip colours and I rarely venture in to using other colours but I thought it would be a shame to single out the other colours in my set as I love experimenting with beauty products. Finally after the Christmas period I have trialed and experimented with every colour.

Naked Beige

Guava Rama

Red my lips

Missing pink

Perfect day

Man trap 

My favourite colour from this set is surprisingly Naked Beige. It's the perfect shade for a natural day to day look which I can wear whilst going to University without it being too much. If I'm dressing up for a few drinks around town with friends then Red my Lips is my favourite to wear as its very feminine and I'm obsessed with red lip colours. Unfortunately the Girl O Whirl set is unavailable to purchase as it was a Christmas edition but I'm sure by late October new Soap & Glory gift sets will be hitting the shelves.

 I also received this voucher in the make-up set which will be going to good use in a few weeks as my brownie points eyebrow brush is running low.

What’s your favourite Soap & Glory product?

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