Sunday, 15 June 2014

The best of both worlds- Brunette vs Blonde- Dip dye trend

I have been contemplating dying my hair for the past year but after a hair disaster when I was younger I swore to myself I would never dye my locks again. From the age of 15 I went through the stage of dying my hair regular, with hair caps and foils but it took a lot of work to maintain, and my roots always showed through too soon. I did leave dying it for a while until I got bored and started experimenting with brighter colours such as blue, pink and purple but as my hair is naturally dark brunette, all of that bleaching left my hair clinging on to my head for dear life.

For years I have been a natural haired hippy, I believed in keeping my natural tresses looking their best by using hair masks and pure coconut oil. I promised myself I wouldn't dye my hair again until I started turning grey (which hopefully isn't going to happen in the near future). However with my 21st birthday and graduation quickly looming I was screaming out for a change in my hair and my wardrobe. Since the dip dye trend hit our fashion market, I was obsessed from day one the only thing that was missing was to dye my hair dip dye.

After searching P’interest, I went straight back to Mancunian land to my sacred hairdressers Saks to make the most of my last ever student discount. I decided I wanted a more natural caramel colour than platinum blonde as I wanted to keep the look sophisticated. I was incredibly excited when my regular hairdresser stated she would not be using bleach on my hair to achieve the results I wanted as I know too well what peroxide bleach can do to a girl’s hair.

One hour and three quarters later my dream hair had been achieved. I am so glad I have made the change as almost instantly the biggest change was the smile on my face. I love how I get to experience the best of both worlds now without being named a stereotypical boring brunette. I personally believe it’s all a myth; brunettes are mysterious and definitely know how to have a good time but now I’m half blonde too, it shows I have an adventurous side and my friends know I’m the party girl who’s always the last one home after a night out-Without sounding cliché- It’s always the quiet ones right?

I’m going to end with the most cliched motto ever which is always true ‘You really only live once’ so if you've had a hair hang up and have been indecisive like myself, my word of advice is to just go for it because you can always dye your hair back to its natural colour. I would recommend visiting a trustworthy hairdresser because as well as a having a bad haircut; we all know a bad hair dye can be much worse.

Have you changed your hair recently?


  1. Aw wow this look really suits you! Very nice...


  2. Love how the colour has turned out, I am contemplating another dip dye but wanted something a little more subtle, I think you have inspired me to go for a more caramel colour!

    1. Thank you! I thought it was best to start off a caramel colour first so I can always change it to a lighter blonde if I get bored of it! xo